Hotels in Jakarta - Indonesia

The capital city has a wide choice of fine hotels which are managed by well known international chains. These include the Jakarta Hilton, The Mandarin Oriental, Sahid Jaya Hotel, Hotel Borobudur , Aryaduta Hyatt, Hotel Sari Pan Pacific, Hotel Indonesia, President Hotel and independent hotels like Hotel Horison, Jayakarta Tower and Hotel Kartika Chandra. The first five are rated five-star and the remainder four-star. All three and two-star hotels, in Jakarta have air-conditioned rooms, attached bathrooms with hot and cold running water, telephones in the rooms, restaurants, bar, room service and laundry with a few exceptions. Most of those in the three star, category have swimming pools, nightclubs and shopping arcades. Most of the one-star hotels have air conditioned rooms, with attached bathrooms telephones and restaurants.

This is one of stars hotel in Jakarta which has a long stay package. The guest also have 4 choices of rooms types; Superior, Deluxe, Super Deluxe, Executive Suite. Blue Sky Hotel Petamburan also facilitated with meeting room, variety dinning menus, and others special offers.

Olympic Hotel
Mangga Besar Street VII, A-63
Phone: (021) 6246666

Nikko Jakarta Hotel
MH Thamrin Street 59
Phone: (021) 2301122

Millennium Hotel Sirih Jakarta
KH Fachrudin Street 3
Phone: (021) 2303636

Menteng II Hotel
Cikini Raya Street 105
Phone: (021) 31925543

Menteng I Hotel
RP Soeroso Street 28
Phone: (021) 31925208

Menara Peninsula Hotel
Letjen S Parman Street Kav 78
Phone: (021) 5350888

Melawai I Hotel
Melawai Raya Street 18-20
Phone: (021) 2700408

Grand Cempaka Jakarta Hotel
Letjen Suprapto Street 62
Phone: (021) 4260066

Gran Mahakam Hotel
Mahakam I Street 6
Phone: (021) 7209966

Graha Menteng Hotel
Matraman Raya Street 21
Phone: (021) 8509872

Golden Boutique Hotel
Angkasa Street 1
Phone: (021) 6255555

Gading Indah Hotel
Pegangsaan Dua Street 10
Phone: (021) 4611989

Danau Sunter Hotel
Danau Raya Sunlake Street
Phone: (021) 6509969

Crowne Plaza Hotel
Jend Gatot Subroto Street Kav 2-3
Phone: (021) 5268833

Aston Atrium Senen Hotel & Convention Center
Senen Raya Street 135
Phone: (021) 3442828

Arcadia Hotel
KH Wahid Hasyim Street 114
Phone: (021) 2300050

Ambhara Hotel
Iskandarsyah Raya Street 1
Phone: (021) 2700800

Allson Residence Jakarta
Senen Raya Street 135-137 Tower A
Phone: (021) 3523379

Pintu Besar Hotel
Pintu Besar Selatan Street 42
Phone: (021) 6263660

Losari Blok M Hotel
Panglima Polim Raya Street 3
Phone: (021) 7265858

Karya II Hotel
Raden Saleh Raya Street 37
Phone: (021) 31925078

Puri Mega Hotel
Rawa Mangun Street 59-A
Phone: (021) 4214744

Puri Jaya Hotel
Percetakan Negara V Street 5
Phone: (021) 4215320

Prinsen Park Hotel
Mangga Besar Raya Street 83-85
Phone: (021) 6289101

Prapanca Hotel
Prapanca Raya Street 30-31
Phone: (021) 7262603

Pitagiri Hotel
Palmerah Barat Street 110
Phone: (021) 5359359

Patra Jasa Hotel
Jend A Yani Street 2
Phone: (021) 4240608

Paragon Galeri Jakarta Hotel
KH Wahid Hasyim Street 29
Phone: (021) 3917070

Kristal Hotel
Tarogong Raya Street
Phone: (021) 7507050

Ibis Mangga Dua Hotel
P Jayakarta Street 73
Phone: (021) 6250101

Ibis Kemayoran Hotel
Bungur Besar Raya Street 79-81
Phone: (021) 4210111

Horison Hotel
Pantai Indah Street
Phone: (021) 6407000

Hillside Bukit Indah Hotel
RA Kartini Street 9
Phone: (021) 7502628

Hangtuah Boutique Hotel
Hang Tuah I Street 2
Phone: (021) 7237323

Grand Hyatt Jakarta
MH Thamrin Street Kav 28-30
Phone: (021) 3901234

Bintang Griyawisata Hotel
Raden Saleh Street 16
Phone: (021) 3922566

Banyuwangi Sintera Hotel
KH Samanhudi Street, B-34/32
Phone: (021) 3857551

Banian Bulevar Hotel
Tj Duren Raya Street Kav 1
Phone: (021) 5662288

Augusta Hotel
Lingkar Luar Street 1-A
Phone: (021) 5453132

Atlet Century Park Jakarta Hotel
Pintu Satu Street
Phone: (021) 5712041

Aston Hotel Jakarta
Garnisun Dalam Street 8
Phone: (021) 2515151

Arwana Hotel
Mangga Besar VIII Street 7
Phone: (021) 6009925

Sentral Hotel
Pramuka Raya Street Kav 63-64
Phone: (021) 4225511

Sari Pan Pacific Hotel
MH Thamrin Street 3
Phone: (021) 31905527

Sahid Jaya Hotel
Jend Sudirman Street 86
Phone: (021) 5704444

Royal Hotel
Ir H Juanda Street 14
Phone: (021) 3804301

Rensa Sofyan Hotel
Duren Sawit Raya Street 108
Phone: (021) 8615509

Redtop Hotel
Pecenongan Street 72
Phone: (021) 3500077

Raddin Ancol Jakarta Hotel
Lodan Timur Street 7
Phone: (021) 6405641

Megapro Hotel
Proklamasi Street 40-42
Phone: (021) 3923131

Megah Gemilang Hotel
Mangga Besar Raya Street 38-AS
Phone: (021) 6592949

Mandarin Oriental Jakarta
MH Thamrin Street
Phone: (021) 39838888

Le Meridien Hotel
Jend Sudirman Street Kav 18-20
Phone: (021) 2513131

Le Grandeur Mangga Dua Hotel
Mangga Dua Raya Street
Phone: (021) 6128811

Ciputra Jakarta Hotel
Letjen S Parman Street
Phone: (021) 5660640

Chitra Hotel
Toko Tiga Street 23
Phone: (021) 6596283

Cemara Hotel
Cemara Street 1
Phone: (021) 3908215

Bumi Johar Hotel
Johar Street 17-19
Phone: (021) 3145746

Borobudur Jakarta Hotel
Lap Banteng Selatan Street
Phone: (021) 3805555

Pondok Nirwana Motel
Letjen Haryono MT Jl Street Kav 26
Phone: (021) 8093103

Podomoro Hotel
Agung Utara Raya Street, A/5
Phone: (021) 6402070

Astika Hotel
Mangga Besar Raya Street 76
Phone: (021) 6256688

Willtop Hotel
P Jayakarta Street 44
Phone: (021) 6287888

Tugu Asri Hotel
Jatibaru Street 7-9
Phone: (021) 31926292

Treva International Hotel
Menteng Raya Street 33
Phone: (021) 31900240

Travel Hotel
Mangga Besar VIII Street 21
Phone: (021) 6012721

Sriwijaya Hotel & Restaurant
Veteran I Street 1
Phone: (021) 3440409

Sofyan Cikini Hotel
Cikini Raya Street 79
Phone: (021) 3140695

Sofyan Betawi Hotel
Cut Meutia Street 9
Phone: (021) 3905011

Sheraton Media Hotel & Towers
Gunung Sahari Raya Street 3
Phone: (021) 6263001

Shangri-La Hotel Jakarta
Jend Sudirman Street Kav 1
Phone: (021) 5707440

Setiabudi Hotel
Dr Setiabudi Raya Street 24
Phone: (021) 5254640

Kartika Chandra Hotel
Jend Gatot Subroto Street Kav 18-20
Phone: (021) 5251008

Jusenny Hotel
Senayan Street, S-3/29
Phone: (021) 7206565

Jayakarta Jakarta Hotel
Hayam Wuruk Street 126
Phone: (021) 6496760

Jatra Hotel
Bandengan Selatan Street 20
Phone: (021) 6922921

Jakarta Sultan International
Jend Gatot Subroto Street
Phone: (021) 5703600

Ibis Tamarin Hotel
KH Wahid Hasyim Street 77
Phone: (021) 3912323

Ibis Slipi Hotel
Letjen S Parman Street Kav 59
Phone: (021) 5331570

Wisma Indonesia
Kelapa Dua Street 43
Phone: (021) 4401502

Via Renata
Erlangga II Street 8
Phone: (021) 7258801

Sehat Hotel
Mangga Besar Raya Street 177
Phone: (021) 6280638

Pondok Wisata Pasir Putih
Pasir Putih III Street 6
Phone: (021) 64711970

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