Payung Island as a Secluded Tourist Spot in Thousand Islands Regency

Just because Payung (Umbrella) Island is not as famous as Tidung or other islands in “Kepulauan Seribu”, doesn’t mean it is forgotten. On the other hand, more tourists have acknowledged its beauty. It consists of Payung Besar and Payung Kecil Island. Both of them are worth to visit. If you look for an inspiration, the smaller one is recommended. It is because Payung Kecil is an uninhabited island. On the other hand, its sibling offers merrier attractions and more tourist activities.

The Nuance
Payung Besar Island’s size is about 20 hectares. Some parts of it are populated by villagers. There are some villas, as well. What about Payung Kecil Island? As mentioned earlier, it is a deserted island. No one lives there. Despite this fact, it becomes tourists’ favorite spot. You can find peace in the island, especially near to the beach. The shorelines are shallow and calm. The clear water is also quite tempting. In the back, there are bushes and trees.

Exploring Payung Island
In Payung Besar Island, some villagers rent out their boats. They make money from this business. There are about 25-30 boats nearby, so you can rent one to explore the island. Those are actually fishermen’s boats. During holidays, the owners rest at home while offering their boats to tourists. Next thing to do is to enjoy local’s foods. Gepuk Skewer is a must. Though, there are other options. If you love seafood, you should try stir-fried squid. No worries. They are affordable.

Once you have eaten good foods, it is time to visit Payung Kecil Island. The most popular activity is beach walking. Thanks to soft and beautiful sand. Tourists can walk on it restfully. You can even sleep on it. Also, the beach features a perfect nuance. It is the home of blue and clear sea water, after all. Not to mention there is breezy wind. All of these features make a wonderful place for relaxation. It helps you forget your busy routines, as well. Moreover, it is possible to camp there!

The island offers a great landscape. In the sea, there are several types of corals. If you love snorkeling, you should head to the south of the island. It holds a unique coral, which is called “meriam”. Such unique attraction is located in the depth of 5 m. If you are a beginner, it is better to look for an instructor. He becomes your supervisor and a guide while snorkeling. Thus, it is a big help for you. What about the fee? It depends on the season. For cheaper prices, you must come at work days.

Nearby Attractions

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How to Get There
A trip to Payung Island won’t take much time. Your first destination is Muara Angke. Many motor boats are available, so you can rent one. It may take you to your destination. The trip is uncomfortable during bad weather, though. Due to this reason, you should pick the right time prior to visiting Payung. For those with lots of cash, a speedboat is a better choice. It is available in Marina Ancol Port.

Where to Stay

  • FM7 Resort
  • Jakarta Airport Hotel

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