Biawak Island in Thousand Islands Regency, Jakarta

Not all tourists have heard about Biawak Island. It is one of the recommended isles in Thousand Islands Regency. Biawak means “lizard”. No wonder, you may encounter many lizards in some parts of the island. Actually, there is another name. It is Rakit Island. Many people called it that way in the past. When it comes to the location, the island is situated about 40 km from Java Island, especially Indramayu. The government has chosen it as natural conservation for wild lizards. Today, it becomes one of the best lures in “Kepulauan Seribu”.

The Nuance
The sea has moderate waves. Still, it is possible to swim in it. Several traditional boats are often seen nearby. These accommodate visitors either from Java or other places. In terms of appearance, the island is covered mostly by trees. Due to this reason, it is a little bit difficult to explore all parts of the isle. There are only several paths, though. For beginners, it is better to come with a tour guide. This person helps you explore the island in an efficient manner.

Exploring Biawak Island
Once you reach the island, the first thing to do is to climb ZM Willem III lighthouse. It is an icon of Biawak Isle, after all. Despite its old age, the tower remains functional. It was built in 1872, actually. The lighthouse’s height is 65 meters and there are 17 levels on it. In terms of appearance, it looks old but gorgeous. The stairs are narrow, so you must be careful when climbing them. In the top, the scenery is jaw-dropping. Make sure to carry a camera, so you can capture great objects from above.

Next adventure is in the forest. There is natural conservation for lizards. The local name of such creature is Biawak, actually. For the best experience, it is better to hire a tour guide beforehand. This way, you can get information regarding that place. Not to mention you can get around the location efficiently. It will be different if you go alone. As for the tip, there are lots of mosquitos living there. Make sure to wear proper clothes and apply a repellent.

Another thing to do is on the pier. You can do many things there. It is as simple as enjoying sea scenery. In some occasions, you should try fishing. As long as you carry a fishing rod and baits, you are ready to go. If you come at the right time, you can enjoy either a beautiful sunset or sunrise. If you love snorkeling, there are some good spots nearby. Once again, you must have prepared the gears beforehand.

Nearby Attractions

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How to Get There
From Jakarta, you need to head to Indramayu. Your destination is Muara Karangasong. From there, you can directly head to Biawak Island. The trip takes about 5 hours. The waves are strong, so it is going to be a rough trip. Have no fear. It is worth an effort. At the end, it rewards you with a great island called Biawak! Have a nice trip.

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