Cangkir Island in Thousand Islands Regency, Jakarta

Indonesia never disappoints tourists. It is rich in islands. If you are visiting “Kepulauan Seribu”, there is a recommended isle called Cangkir. Another name is Cangkir Kronjo. Why is called that way? Cangkir means “cup”. It is because the island has a similar shape to such item. Apart from its unique shape, the island holds numerous attractions. Tourists keep coming due to different reasons. For instance, they want to visit a sacred tombstone. It is the resting place of a theologian of Banten.

The Nuance
The island is situated in the north part of Tangerang. The size is about 4.5 hectares. The thing is you can reach Cangkir easily. Thanks to the bridge. Visitors are able to cross the sea without hassles. It was an important project. This way, everyone can conduct a pilgrimage effortlessly there. The bridge is quite traditional. Even though it seems fragile, it is durable. In some occasions, you may encounter several fishers on it. When it comes to the best time to visit Cangkir, it is either during sunset or sunrise.

Exploring Cangkir Island
As mentioned before, most of the tourists come to the island for a pilgrimage. The gravestone belongs to Prince Jaga Lautan. He’s the descendant of the first Banten Sultan. That means he’s the son of Hasanudin. Before visiting such sacred burial site, you must know one thing. It takes some money to enter the location. That means you should pay both parking and entry fee. No worries. It is worth your money. Such pilgrimage gives you an amazing experience. It may replenish your spiritual level. Some tourists even look for blessings there.

Next thing to do in Cangkir Island is fishing. You are able to fish either on a deck or a boat. This activity is popular for those who look for a peaceful mood. One thing, tourists should carry their own rod. It is because you can’t find any services in the isle. If you don’t like fishing, you can simply buy fresh fishes from an auction location. It is situated near to the island. If you are good at bargaining, you can get cheap prices of good products!

Another fun activity is sightseeing. Some local fishermen are seen in the sea. Tourists are allowed to observe such activity freely. It is quite a sight. Apart from those natives, there are other attractive objects. For instance, there are mangroves. In Cangkir Island, you can also find several souvenir stores. Not to mention there are local “warungs”. It is an opportunity to buy good stuff and eat delicious local foods. Thus, bringing more money is a good idea.

Nearby Attractions

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  • Pintu Seribu Mosque
  • Tanjung Kait Beach

How to Get There
In order to reach Cangkir Island, you can depart either from Tangerang or Jakarta. Still, the fastest is from Tangerang. You don’t even need to use a boat since there is a bridge connecting Java Island and Cangkir. It is a short and comfortable trip, for sure.

Where to Stay

  • Hotel Santika BSD City Serpong
  • Aston Paramount Serpong Hotel
  • Kinari Residence

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