Tanjung Pasir Beach and Thousand Islands Archipelago

When it comes to Thousand Islands Regency, most of you think about beautiful islands in the Java Sea. Before visiting the island, you should drop by in an interesting beach called Tanjung Pasir. Actually, it is part of Tangerang. Even though it lacks in a good accessibility, it attracts many tourists over time. As the name suggests, it is located near to Tanjung Pasir Dock. It also belongs to Indonesian Navy’s territory. On top of that, visitors must pay an entry fee to explore the beach.

The Nuance
A unique part is its shape. Tanjung Pasir Beach makes a 90 degrees angle. The sand is brown and the sea water isn’t quite clear. In the back, you can see several “warungs”. These accommodate visitors to enjoy good foods and beverages. Near to them, you can find thick trees. They create a shady nuance. The most crowded time is during weekends. The locals visit the beach for a family vacation. No wonder, you may expect children playing in the water. Sometimes, a local boat passes by in the sea.

Exploring Tanjung Pasir Beach
First things come first. The beach has a unique feature near to it. The name is PTP Roundabout. It features a statue of an army. He carries a rifle and steps on a globe. This unique landmark becomes an icon in that location. It represents an army training place. Despite this fact, it is rare to see armies in the beach. What you can find are only tourists and local people. Most of them enjoy the calm waves and play in the water.

Next attraction is the local activity. In some occasions, you can see fishermen. They use either a fishing rod or a net. The thing is Tanjung Pasir doesn’t provide abundant fishes. No wonder, those fishermen don’t get many fishes from their activity. Still, their routine makes a unique mood. If you love fishing, it is possible to join those people. In this case, make sure to carry your own fishing rod. If necessary, you can ride the boat to reach better locations for fishing!

Another thing to do in Tanjung Pasir Beach is enjoying local foods in nearby warungs. Even though those are simple food stands, the foods are great! The best lure is definitely a fresh coconut drink. Drinking a refreshing beverage and enjoying beach scenery are a perfect combination. In a nutshell, it is a suitable place for a family vacation. Despite its condition, many people keep coming to this coast. The best time to visit is during weekends. More visitors make it a merrier vacation. That’s for sure.

Nearby Attractions

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How to Get There
Usually, tourists come to Tanjung Pasir Beach prior to heading to Thousand Islands Regency. From Jakarta, you only need to head north. The beach is located in the west part of Muara Angke. It is near to Rambut Island, though. Therefore, you can directly reach nearby islands using a local boat. The beach is your start point, so you can explore other tourist attractions.

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