National Marine Park in Tidung Island, Thousand Islands Regency

A vacation in “Kepulauan Seribu” is worth a thousand experiences. It is because you can enjoy an unlimited beauty there. One of them is Tidung Island. It becomes the home of a famous national marine park. As the name suggests, it is a location for underwater exploration. Usually, tourists come there in a group. When it comes to tourist activities, you can do many things like underwater photography, snorkeling, swimming, and much more. The location is near to Love Bridge. That means you can enjoy two different beautiful spots at once!

The Nuance
Once you reach the location, you can see stunning seawater. It is clear and calm. It is similar to a giant pond! The clarity is jaw-dropping, indeed. In the horizon, you are able to see Tidung Kecil Island. It is connected to Love Bridge. In some parts of the water, there are traditional huts. These are the home base of fishermen. Somehow, there are no fishermen’s boats nearby. All those features make a stunning environment. It is only the beginning. Your adventure starts once you get in the water.

Exploring National Marine Park
What is the best attraction in Tidung’s National Marine Park? It is definitely snorkeling. The water is shallow and clear. These qualities make a perfect spot for either diving or snorkeling. Both corals and fishes are worth to explore. At least, there are about 27 types of corals there. In the summer, the water is warm and refreshing. Tourists are allowed to enjoy it freely. When it comes to the fishes, there are various species living in National Marine Park. These include red-tailed fishes, kepe-kepe, serinding, etc.

Once you have enjoyed such activity, it is time to visit nearby attractions. The Love Bridge should be your primary choice. Apart from its unique shape, it holds an interesting myth. The rumor has it. If you jump off the bridge with your lover, you are able to retain your relationship forever. Even though it is only a rumor, almost all visitors are likely to try it. Thus, you should never miss it! It is safe, after all. You should never get worried about getting hurt.

Another thing to do is a culinary adventure. Once you have explored Tidung’s National Marine Park, it is time to try local’s specialties. There are toothless gum chips, Gepuk skewer, seaweed dodol, etc. All of them are worth a try. Make sure to buy some for your families at home! If you are good at bargaining, you can get more affordable prices. With all those attractions, National Marine Park in Tidung Island becomes a worthy place for holidays. No wonder, more tourists visit it over time.

Nearby Attractions

  • Love Bridge Tidung
  • Hawksbill Sea Turtle Conservation

How to Get There
In order to reach National Marine Park, you should visit Tidung Island. You can reach it from Muara Angke. The trip takes approximately 3 hours with a regular boat. That means it is faster if you use a speedboat. In this case, your meeting point will be in Marina Ancol. Make sure to prepare the money first!

Where to Stay

  • Cottage Anggrek 3
  • Tidung Lagoon
  • Tidung Citra

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