Pelangi Island in Thousand Islands Regency, Jakarta

If you are looking for a new adventure, “Kepulauan Seribu” is your choice. It is part of Jakarta, actually. Perhaps you have heard about Tidung Island. Though, Thousand Islands Regency offers more options. As for reference, there is Pelangi Island. It is also called Rainbow Isle. Though, the locals often call it West Petondan. The location is about 60 km from Mutiara Beach. It is famous for its exotic sea scenery and comfortable bungalows. No wonder, lots of tourists visit it during holidays and weekends. In a nutshell, it is a beautiful and luxurious resort for a vacation retreat.

The Nuance
Pelangi Island is the home of natural beauty. It features white sandy beach and clear blue sea. In the land, you can find numerous bungalows. All of them are available for tourists. Here is the fact. The cottages face the sea. Thus, you are able to enjoy the sea views from the room. Not to mention you can find many facilities such as a floating restaurant, a water sports store, a tennis court, etc. With all these features, the island becomes a wonderful resort for everyone.

Exploring Pelangi Island
Rainbow Island is suitable for recreation. If busy activities have burdened you, it is time to visit the island. You won’t find villagers there since it is a private island. In terms of management, Pelangi focuses on guests’ satisfaction. Despite its small size, it has attracted lots of visitors recently. Thanks to the cottages. Tourists are also attracted to numerous floras. These include palm and pine trees. These plants create a soothing atmosphere. You can simply sit and relax under them.

Apart from its solemn ambiance, Pelangi Island offers lots of fun tourist activities. For example, there is a banana boat. You are allowed to ride it in the sea. This activity becomes merrier with more people. Don’t forget to pay the rent fee, though. Next, there is beach volley. If you come with friends, make sure to try it. As an alternative, there is table tennis. It is suitable for those who don’t like outdoor activities. In the resort, you can also find a futsal court!

Next thing to do in Pelangi Island is fishing. It is a serene activity. It is true some of you don’t like such hobby. Still, it is worth a try. For those who don’t bring any fishing equipment, there is a store in the resort. It provides numerous water sports equipment and tools. A fishing rod is indeed available. Next, there is snorkeling. It is considered a more challenging activity. Dare you to try? Another thing to do is island hopping. A boat will take you to nearby islands like Sepa, Macan, and Bira!

Nearby Attractions

  • Bira Island
  • Sepa Island
  • Macan Island

How to Get There
The fastest route is from Marina Ancol. A speedboat may take you to Pelangi Island in a comfortable manner. The trip takes about 70 km, so it is going to be a long journey. Thanks to the speedboat, though. You only need to spend 1.5 hours in the sea.

Where to Stay

  • Pelangi Resort

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