Enjoying Good Times at Shark Conservation in Tidung Island

Spending a good time in Tidung Island is quite worthy. It is because of the presence of numerous attractions. One of them is the shark conservation. As the name implies, it is a place to take care of sharks. The government created it to support the survivability of local sharks. Here is the thing. Visitors are allowed to explore the conservation and swim in the water! It sounds terrifying, doesn’t it? However, it is quite safe. Those tame sharks are well-fed and maintained. They cause no harms to people.

The Nuance
Actually, the pond uses seawater. The locals only make some borders to keep the sharks intact. What about the size? Well, it is moderate. There are about tens of local sharks. Their size isn’t big either. The water is quite clear, so you can see those creatures visibly. In some occasions, you can see several people swimming in it. The water isn’t deep, after all. Even you can stand on it freely. The borders are made of a formation of rocks.

Exploring the Shark Conservation
The best thing to do in such location is snorkeling. You only need a life vest and snorkeling gears. The water is shallow, so your kids can join you in the water. With an aqua camera, you are able to take some good pictures underwater. It is rare, isn’t it? You use sharks as the background of your photos! Once you get back to your neighborhood, you can brag about those pictures. Therefore, don’t forget to carry an underwater camera! It is quite vital.

Next, you can get closer to those sharks. As mentioned before, they are quite tame. You don’t need to be afraid of them. Due to their small size, even kids are allowed to play with them. However, you need to talk to the keeper first. He may tell you regarding some important procedures in approaching the sharks. Thus, it is better to follow his instructions prior to entering the water. Even though the sharks are tame, they are actually wild in nature.

Once you have enjoyed your time in the conservation, it is time to explore other locations. For instance, there is Tidung Pier. It is a perfect location for fishing and sightseeing. In the afternoon, you can witness a beautiful sunset there. At night, you must choose the best spot for a BBQ party. If you want a merrier party, it is better to come in a group. A family vacation is quite recommended! Your kids will love you more for this vacation.

Nearby Attractions

  • Kongsi Island
  • Panggang Island

How to Get There
A trip to Tidung Island is worthy. If you visit it during a good weather, the trip only takes 3 hours. Usually, the start point is in Muara Angke. If you want a faster trip, your destination should be Marina Ancol. With more money, you can rent a speedboat. It takes less than 3 hours to reach the island. Once you get there, your next destination is a natural conservation. If you want to visit nearby islands, you must use another boat to reach those locations.

Where to Stay

  • Cottage Anggrek 3
  • Tidung Lagoon
  • Tidung Citra

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