Exploring Rambut Island in Thousand Islands Regency, Jakarta

Rambut Island is part of “Kepulauan Seribu”. It is situated in the northern sea of Jakarta. The locals also call it Pulau Burung (Bird Island). No wonder, you can see lots of birds living there. Most of them are seagulls. Even though it is accessible for tourists, visitors require a permission to explore the island. In fact, you may also need a tour guide. Most of the visitors come to the island for witnessing numerous types of birds. These include black sea-mews, long-pecked storks, etc.

The Nuance
The name derives from its characteristic. Rambut means “hair’. You may encounter shady and dense trees in such island. It also becomes the home of tons of birds. The island features a watching tower. It has the height of 30 meters. From there, you can sightsee those birds and nearby scenery in a content manner. When it comes to the beach, the sand is yellow and the sea is deep blue. There are many things to do there. It is going to be a great destination for a vacation.

Exploring Rambut Island
Most tourists come to Bird Island for sightseeing. The thing is Rambut has become a wildlife sanctuary, especially in Thousand Islands territory. The best spot to witness the nature in watching tower. It takes a little bit effort to reach the top of the tower, though. From above, stunning views of nature replenish you tiredness instantly! It is worth an effort, isn’t it? If you carry a camera or telescope, you are able to explore such beautiful scenery better. Make sure you have acquired permission, though.

There are many types of animals in Rambut Island. That means you are going to see more than birds. You can find many other creatures like lizards and bats. All of those animals are indeed interesting. Apart from faunas, you can explore the forest. It features dense plants and shady trees. Make sure you come with a tour guide so you won’t get lost. Not to mention you should get an authorization first. Why is that? The government won’t risk such natural charms to unknown people.

Another interesting activity in Rambut Island is snorkeling. You are allowed to rent the gears from the guard. The thing is you should rent a new boat for snorkeling. That means you aren’t allowed to use your current boat. Not to mention there is a time limit. Tourists are only allowed to explore the sea for an hour. Despite such stingy rule, you won’t regret exploring the nautical beauty in Bird Island. This becomes a new experience for you.

Nearby Attractions

  • Untung Jawa Island
  • Ayer Island

How to Get There
From Jakarta, you must head to Angke Port. It is your meeting point. From here, you are going to ride a boat with other tourists. As an alternative, you can depart from Tanjung Pasir. What makes it different? The first choice allows you to visit Untung Jawa Island prior to reaching Bird Island. The second choice brings you directly to the location. Regardless of the option, it is a fun trip!

Where to Stay

  • Baronang Homestay in Untung Jawa Island

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