Lipan Island in Thousand Islands Regency, Jakarta

In the next holiday, you should consider Lipan Island. This is a stunning tourist destination. The location is near to Kelapa Island. Thus, it is suitable for an island hopping. It is an uninhabited island, actually. Due to its serenity, many tourists come there for relaxation. Lipan means “centipede”. No one knows the story of the island, though. That doesn’t mean you may encounter lots of centipedes there. Today, people only recognize it as a wonderful vacation destination. It is suitable for everyone regardless of the purposes of holidays.

The Nuance
In terms of appearance, Lipan Island is shady and solemn. It is surrounded by trees and several bushes. In the pier, you can find some structures. Once again, there are no inhabitants. There is only a couple living on the island. They are the keepers, actually. The sea has moderate waves and it is considered safe for swimming. During summer, the sky is so clear. It emits a comfortable ambiance. For those who are looking for a peace, Lipan should be on the list.

Exploring Lipan Island
Since there are inhabitants, you can explore the island wholeheartedly. Both the pier and villas are located in the south part of Lipan Island. Thus, you should choose that location for the best vacation spot. Once you reach the island, take a rest in your room first. Make sure to eat well before exploring the island. Thick trees and an unspoiled beauty become major attractions there. You are allowed to explore them with an authorization of the keeper. One thing, always wear proper footwear before walking around the island!

In some occasions, there are wild animals passing by. These include seagulls, lizards, crows, and eagles. They become a beautiful object for photography. Due to this reason, make sure to bring your camera! As an alternative, you must reach the pier. It is a good spot for selfies. In the afternoon, you should visit the pier again. At this time, you are going to enjoy a stunning sunset. It is quite romantic and calming. Make sure not to miss such opportunity!

At night, you should go back to your room. Eat some foods and take a rest. In the morning, you should have been in the pier before dawn. It gives you a flawless beauty of the sunrise. What a great view! This may replenish your soul right away. Before going back to Java Island, make sure to visit nearby islands first. An island hopping will be your last adventure in Lipan Island. A local boat may carry you to nearby isles, especially Kelapa Island. Enjoy!

Nearby Attractions

  • Opak Island
  • Harapan Island

How to Get There
Everyone can reach Lipan Island easily. It only takes about 4 hours from Jakarta. Your meeting point is Muara Angke. From there, you must take a local boat to your destination. For those who are looking for a faster trip. There is Marina Ancol. From there, you can take a speedboat. It is more comfortable but expensive. No worries. It is worth an expense.

Where to Stay

  • Lipan Villas

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