SMESCO Indonesia – Jakarta Souvenir Center And Its Miscellaneous Indonesian Products

The beautiful country of Indonesia is a holiday paradise because of its wonderful traditional culture, culinary, and stunning scenery. As on any occasion when visiting a country, people tend to purchase local souvenirs and gifts for those loved ones back home with whom they would like to share their experiences. In Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia Country, tradition culture and craft were born and cultivated. During your visit to this capital city, why not taking time to explore something unique to Jakarta Souvenir Center, either by yourself, or with family or good friends? The ideal place to find these priceless items of Jakarta Souvenir Center can be found at the SMESCO Indonesia Company. SMESCO itself stands from Small & Medium Enterprises and Cooperatives, where one of its purposes is to promote and market the local products made by the small & medium enterprises to domestic and international market.

At the SMESCO, there are selected not only traditional craft-work goods, but goods which are also unique and interesting from all provinces of Indonesia area. SMESCO has SME Tower and SMESCO Building that are designed by each Indonesia provinces and display a range of SMEs superior products of the provinces. With Provinces Pavilion that located on floors 15, 12, 11 and 3 in SMESCO Building, you will impress the diversity of Indonesia. SMESCO takes pride in presenting selection handicraft to customers from Indonesia and abroad alike. For the Small & Medium Enterprises sector, SME Tower is a new emblem in achieving the development and marketing local products. And as a business center in Jakarta, SME Tower provides modern and complete facilities with a big expectation. This building has expected to become ‘one stop shop’ building for local and international customers who want and need to buy the Indonesia local products. The center boasts a diverse and unique assortment of arts and crafts outlets retailing a quality selection of clothing, home adornments, toys, and other such gifts tapping into the tastes of each shopper.

SMESCO Indonesia also cooperates with a number of partners of other countries. It aimed to have a good opportunities for Indonesia’s products access and market. With sustained supports, highly creative and innovative SMEs will contribute significantly to create employment and ensuring sustainable growth. SMESCO encouraged the local SME companies to display their product there, so the visitors able to buy directly the products from all Indonesia provinces without come to each provinces. The process in submitting the product to be curated and displayed in SMESCO is easy, just bring the product, then the product will be curated, and if the product passed the curation process; the product will eventually be displayed. You can find many things at SMESCO Indonesia, from the handicrafts, traditional clothing; including many batik collections, shoes, bags; and of course the food. So, let’s visit SMESCO Indonesia at Jl. Gatot Subroto – Jakarta, and collect souvenir original from all provinces in Indonesia.

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