Visiting Bintang Beach in Pari Island, Thousand Islands Regency

Pari Island is part of “Kepulauan Seribu”. In terms of beauty, the island is indeed satisfying. Most people visit it for relaxation and enjoying the nautical beauty. One of the best attractions in Pari is Bintang Beach. Bintang means “star”. It is because you can find many starfishes on the coast. They come in different size and color, actually. Another name of the location is Star Beach. The location is about 400 meters from Pari’s Dock. It is suitable for beach walking and relaxation!

The Nuance
Once you reach the island, you can feel clean and soothing ambiance. The beauty of Star Beach gives you a comfortable mood, for sure. Thanks to the management team. There is no trash at all. Near to the beach, you can find several pine trees. They create a soothing atmosphere. With these features, you can relax wholeheartedly. On top of that, there are several traditional halls and hammocks nearby. You can use them for relaxation. No wonder, you can spend hours in Bintang Beach.

Exploring Bintang Beach
A vacation in Pari Island is incomplete without visiting Star Beach. It’s common sense. You can simply sit in the small park with stunning sea scenery. Though, the best attraction is definitely the starfishes. They become the main feature of the beach, after all. Not to mention they become a primary attraction there. Tourists are allowed to take pictures with their camera. If you are brave enough, you can touch those creatures! Some of them are safe to touch, indeed.

Beach walking is a good idea. Thanks to Bintang Beach’s cleanliness and soothing nuance. Tourists can enjoy a flawless atmosphere in Star Beach. Not to mention it features soft and beautiful sand. You can go barefoot with no worries. If you want to avoid the heat, there are some canopies. During a holiday, more people come there. Make sure not to miss the canopy! For the best comfort, you can relax on the hammock. You can find some under the trees.

The thing is you can’t swim in the water. The shorelines are too shallow. That means it doesn’t accommodate swimmers. On the other hand, you can simply play water and reach several starfishes. In the afternoon, you must never miss the sunset. Usually, tourists enjoy a cup of coffee while enjoying such stunning sunset. Here is the thing. The beach doesn’t feature good lighting. Thus, you should get back before evening. Also, you must come at the right time. Summer is the best time to visit Pari Island and Star Beach. If you expect many people, you must come during holidays or weekends.

Nearby Attractions

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How to Get There
There are two methods to reach Bintang Beach. First, it is from Muara Angke. A traditional motorboat will take you to Pari Island. Once you get there, you must walk about 400 meters to reach the beach. Another method is from Marina Ancol, it is a faster route to reach Pari. Though, a speedboat costs more than regular boats. Make sure to prepare enough money. Enjoy your trip!

Where to Stay

  • Cottages in Untung Jawa Island

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