An Adventure in Dolphin Island, Thousand Islands Regency

It is common knowledge. Thousand Islands consist of many islands. All of them are worth a visit, in fact. If you are looking for a reference, there is Dolphin Island. Why is the name? Dolphin means “Lumba-Lumba” in the Indonesian Language. Regardless of the name, there is no dolphin at all nearby. It is actually an uninhabited island. Also, it has an unspoiled beauty. Most tourists come there for camping and relaxation. If you want a new experience, you should visit the island.

The Nuance
Once you have arrived at the island, you can feel a solemn ambiance. It is because of its status. The island has no villagers. What you can get are an unspoiled beauty and a refreshing atmosphere. No wonder, it becomes an ideal location for camping. In the beach, you can see nearby islands from afar. There are some parts of shallow water, as well. In the back, you can find shady trees. The sky is clear and blue. It is reflected well on the sea surface.

Exploring Dolphin Island
As mentioned before, the island is suitable for camping. The thing is you should carry your own tent and camping equipment. Once you reach the island, it is time to build the tent. Make sure to build it under a tree. It helps create a comfortable and cool nuance. Make sure to build it before night. Thus, you can rest immediately. A trip to the island indeed is tiring. You need to replenish your stamina prior to doing some fun activities in the next day.

In the morning, it is time to explore the beach. It has a stunning underwater view. Don’t be careless, though. There are many sea urchins nearby. If you look for more beautiful spots, there is Gosong Island. That means you must rent a boat to reach the island. It is only an accumulation of white sand. You can visit it during the low tide. Also, don’t forget to carry a camera. Many beautiful objects are ready to capture. Make sure to take picture of them!

In the afternoon, you should go back to your tent. For further fun activities, there is a sunset! Sitting on the seashore and enjoying a beautiful sunset are good ideas. Lastly, you can enjoy BBQ at night. That means you have already prepared some fishes and meat beforehand. No worries, you can buy them in Harapan Island, which is your checkpoint in visiting Dolphin Isle. For a merrier nuance, a group vacation is recommended. That means you should come either with families or friends.

Nearby Attractions

  • Gosong Island
  • Harapan Island

How to Get There
It is easy to reach Dolphin Island. First, you should head to Muara Angke. From here, you must visit the checkpoint. It is in Harapan Island. Once you reach Harapan, there are some local boats to use. They are cheap and affordable. Still, you should prepare enough money, especially for next adventures like island hopping. If you come with your family, you are going to spend more money on your vacation.

Where to Stay

  • Camping

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