Visiting Virgin Beach in Tidung Island, Thousand Islands Regency

Have you ever heard Thousand Islands Regency? It is a top tourist destination in Jakarta. The location is in the Java Sea. One of the best islands is called Tidung. It becomes the home of many tourist spots, in fact. If you look for a reference, there is Virgin Beach. It is famous for its unspoiled beauty. Tourists also consider it as an affordable tour spot for relaxation. With its serene atmosphere, the beach has become an ideal location for a vacation retreat.

The Nuance
In terms of beauty, Virgin Beach is definitely satisfying. The best time to visit is during the hot season. The sky is clear and the wind is comfortable. Not to mention you are able to explore all parts of the beach thoroughly. No rain becomes your obstacle to enjoying the beauty of the coast. The sand is soft and flawless, too. In the back, you can see small trees. They are cute and beautiful! Near to them, there are several huts. You are allowed to use it for relaxation. Those huts are usually used to avoid the heat of the sun.

Exploring Virgin Beach
The beach features soothing atmosphere and stunning beauty. No wonder, tourists would likely to spend much time there. The shady trees make it more comfortable, too. You don’t have to be active in exploring the beach. It is as simple as sitting in the hut and witnessing sea scenery. For those with lots of burdens, Virgin Beach is the right place to eradicate them. Beach walking is a good idea. You don’t even need to wear any footwear. Thanks to the soft texture of the sand!

Do you like water sports? Virgin Beach features a calm sea. That means the waves aren’t too great. Swimming in the water won’t be a dangerous activity. If you come with kids, make sure to watch them well. Don’t let them go too far! If you carry proper gears, you are allowed to conduct snorkeling. However, the corals aren’t too pretty. Some people don’t really love it, in fact. Despite this unpopular nautical beauty, you can enjoy other attractions. Snorkeling is not for everyone, after all.

If you want to spend much more than an hour in Virgin Beach, make sure to apply sunscreen to your skin. The heat of the sun can be quite uncomfortable sometimes. As an alternative, you can rest in the hut. It gives proper protection from sun rays. Another tip is related to foods. Make sure to bring some snacks and drinks. These make you full while spending good times at the beach. For a merrier event, you should come with either friends or families.

Nearby Attractions

  • Hawksbill Sea Turtle Conservation
  • Love Bridge

How to Get There
The trip to Tidung Island won’t take much time. It is about 3 hours. What you need is to visit Muara Angke Port. A local motorboat may take you to the island. One thing, you should have been at the port at 7. Otherwise, you won’t get good boats. As an alternative, there is Marina Ancol. It provides speedboats, which are faster and more reliable.

Where to Stay

  • Cottage Anggrek 3
  • Tidung Lagoon
  • Tidung Citra

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