Gosong Rengat Island in Thousand Islands Regency, Jakarta

Gosong Rengat Island becomes a recommended place for travelers. This small island was formed by a formation of corals and other nautical items. It was the result of sedimentation. Despite its small size, it has a distinct charm. Tourists often visit it for a vacation retreat. Due to its unspoiled beauty, the island has been a perfect place for a honeymoon. It terms of location, it is near to Perak Island. That means you can visit both the islands in a single trip.

The Nuance
The first impression when reaching Gosong Rengat Island is the pure white sand. Also, shallow and clear seawater may amaze you. In the shorelines, you can see several umbrellas and benches. Some tourists use them for relaxation and sightseeing. In the horizon, you can witness luxury boats and a nearby island. It feels like a paradise. During a nice weather, the wind blows comfortably. Even beach walking is not a bad idea. It is an opportunity to relax. Forget your works and god to Gosong instead.

Exploring Gosong Rengat Island
The locals have a unique story regarding the island, especially about its name. Gosong means “burned”. In the past, many people sunbathed in the shorelines. Their body turned dark due to sun exposure. Today, the island has been visited by many tourists. Thanks to its flawless beauty. One thing, you should come in the right time. The island only occurs during the low tide. That means the land may disappear during the high tide. Have no fear. Your tourist agent helps you to choose the right time in reaching Gosong.

Next thing to do is snorkeling. As mentioned before, the seawater is quite clear. The visibility is great as well. Even beginners can enjoy a wonderful nautical adventure in Rengat. Once again, you should take advantage of a tour guide. He or she helps you reach the best spots for snorkeling. It is better than wandering around alone. Also, make sure to come with friends or families. A companion makes your trip merrier. It doesn’t have to be your friends, families are recommended, too.

Gosong Rengat Island is also suitable for photography. During the low tide, many beautiful objects are seen. It is a perfect time to enact an umbrella and a chair. You can sit and relax while watching sea scenery. However, you should not spend too long in Rengat. The heat of the sun may burn your skin and the high tide may ruin the land. Usually, tourists only spend a few hours in Gosong. Later, they visit nearby islands for more attractions.

Nearby Attractions

  • Perak Island
  • Melinjo Island

How to Get There
Here is the fact. Gosong Rengat Island is located in the northernmost of “Kepulauan Seribu”. That means the trip takes the longest as compared to others. The location is near to Perak and Melinjo Island. From Tanjung Bait, you can use a speedboat to head to the island. It is faster than a traditional boat in Muara Angke. When it comes to accommodations, you should look for cottages in other islands. There are no facilities in Rengat, as well.

Where to Stay

  • No hotels or cottages

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