A Perfect Camping Spot - Semak Daun Island in Jakarta

Nature tourism never disappoints travelers. If you are looking for a good place for an adventure, there is Semak Daun Island in a Thousand Islands Archipelago Regency. It is situated near to Jakarta. The island offers a beautiful nature. As the name cited, it is the home of trees and bushes. Semak means “bush” and Daun means “trees”. Apart from those thick plants, you can witness soft and comfy sand. Most of the visitors come here to enjoy either a sunrise or sunset.

The Nuance
A desolate nuance may hit you when you have arrived at the island. There is a small pier near to it. The condition isn’t quite good, though. The color has tainted and it seems fragile. Despite these weaknesses, you can feel a peaceful ambiance. Some boats are seen on the beach. The sand is soft and brownish. In the back, there are dense trees so you can explore them freely. When it comes to the water, it is calm and deep.

Exploring Semak Daun Island
Semak Daun Island is popular due to its snorkeling spots. There are also several good locations for diving. The sea features excellent nautical beauty. It is definitely refreshing! It is true people have different purposes in visiting the island. Though, almost all of them love snorkeling. Most of the visitors come from Jakarta and nearby cities. Still, Muara Angke is the meeting place. It is a primary checkpoint prior to reaching Semak Daun. Also, don’t forget to carry snorkeling gears!

For backpackers, the island has become their choice for camping. It gives a new sensation to them. Are you interested? That means you can build a tent, make a bonfire, and sleep on soft sand. At night, stargazing is a wonderful activity. Not to mention you can feel the breeze of coastal wind as it may replenish your inner peace. The mood becomes merrier if you come with friends or families. The thing is you won’t find any facilities. Make sure you prepare before going to Semak Daun Island!

Another interesting thing to do is island hopping. The nearest island is Pramuka. It is famous for its Hawksbill sea turtle conservation. That means tourists are allowed to visit and witness such rare creature directly. In the east part of the island, there is another attraction. It is the mangrove. Overall, a vacation in Semak Daun Island is worth lots of experiences. It is also located near to other islands. Make sure you visit them.

Nearby Attractions

  • Pramuka Island
  • Tidung Island

How to Get There
It is easy to reach Semak Daun Island. From Muara Angke, you can take a motor boat to Pramuka Island. Make sure you have prepared the money. Usually, the boat departs in the morning. The trip takes about 3 hours. Once you reach Pramuka Island, you can take a boat ojeck. The price is more expensive than the previous trip, though. For a faster trip, you should depart from Marina Ancol Port. A speedboat may take you to Semak Daun. Thus, make sure you come with lots of cash.

Where to Stay

  • No Hotels. Tourists can go camping

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