Karya Island and the Chinese Culture, Thousand Islands Regency

You should know Thousand Islands Regency is part of Jakarta. This archipelago on which tourists often visit is indeed interesting. One of them is Karya Island. The locals also call it Cina Island. Cina means Chinese. No wonder, you can find many reminiscences of Chinese (Tionghoa) culture in the island. Some researchers have found several ceramics around the sea and land. Apart from that, the island offers a stunning beauty. Also, this small island has attracted both domestics and foreign tourists every year.

The Nuance
Karya Island is located near to Panggang Island. People from Panggang take advantage of Cina Island as a burial site. Some people from Pramuka Island also do the same thing. That means you may expect many gravestones in some parts of the island. Have no fear. Those create a unique sight. When it comes to attractions, the island becomes the home of many creatures such as crows, lizards, kepodang birds, and much more. What about the plants? Coconut and Sentigi trees are common there.

Exploring Karya Island
The first thing to do in Cina Island is sightseeing. Beautiful sea scenery is indeed captivating. It never fails to amaze visitors. The beach is tourists’ favorite spot. It features beautiful white sand and clear sea water. Some ceramics and valuable items were found in the sea. The founders believed them were Chinese’s. Here is the fact. They also found some bones having characteristics of Chinese in the water! These findings suggest there was a settlement back then. The people lived in the past were definitely Chinese.

In the midst of Karya Island, you can find a traditional settlement. It is the home of the natives. Most of them are Madura and Bugis tribes. They have been living there for years. Thus, you have an opportunity to learn their culture. A tour guide may help you to communicate with those people, after all. It will be better if you can talk a little bit “Bahasa Indonesia”. The village is surrounded by shady trees. If you come at the beach, there are mangroves. Those plants protect the land from sea erosion.

A history of Cina Island is considered amusing. Many tourists come to the location for learning the past settlement in such mysterious land. It is said Chinese fled from Great Britain using some boats. They brought their valuable items with them. Unfortunately, they were struck by a deadly disease while passing “Kepulauan Seribu”. According to locals, those people were looking for remedies in the island. Unluckily, the failed and died one at a time. You can learn this story from the natives, after all.

Nearby Attractions

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How to Get There
From Jakarta, you must head to Muara Angke. It is a meeting point, so tourists can depart using a traditional motor boat. The trip takes about 2 hours. Make sure you carry proper equipment, so your journey will be comfortable. For those who want a faster trip, you must head to Marina Ancol first. It is where you can find a speedboat service.

Where to Stay

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