Perak Island in Thousand Islands Regency, Jakarta

A vacation retreat should be done in a solemn and beautiful place. For those who look for a reference, there is Perak Island. It is located in “Kepulauan Seribu”. Actually, it belongs to Jakarta Special Region. If you are visiting Indonesia, you must never miss Thousand Islands Regency. So, what is so special about Perak? Despite its small size, it offers an astonishing beauty. The location is near to Bira and Dolphin Island. Due to its nautical beauty and solemn nature, the island is suitable for snorkeling and relaxation.

The Nuance
The first impression of Perak Island is its small size. It is the home of many beautiful objects. For instance, there is a sloping beach. It features soft and pure white sand. Beach walking would be a great activity for tourists. The sea is blue and the waves are moderate. In several parts of the sea, you can find good spots for snorkeling. Those feature calmer waves and better visibility. Near to the seashore, there are several trees. They have unique features, which are swings! That means you can sit on it while enjoying the breezy wind.

Exploring Perak Island
Actually, you can do many things in Perak Island. Once you reach the island, make sure to obtain permission first. Most tourists visit Perak for camping. Are you interested? Apart from an authorization, you also need to pay for security. Spending more nights in the island cost you more money. Fortunately, the price is negotiable. If you come with your group, it can be cheaper too. The thing is you should have prepared the equipment beforehand. It is because there are no facilities nearby.

Aside from camping, Perak Island is also famous for snorkeling. The sea offers splendid nautical beauty. Once you have installed your tent, you can start exploring the sea. The views are quite mesmerizing. The corals are colorful and the fishes are cute. It is better to carry an underwater camera. This way, you won’t miss such jaw-dropping sea scenery. That means you can capture those beautiful objects using the camera!

Perak Island is also popular among backpackers. It becomes an affordable vacation destination for everyone. Once again, there are no accommodations. Camping is the only options if you want to spend nights on the island. Thus, make sure to carry cooking equipment and logistics. No worries. You can prepare them in Harapan Island. At night, you can create a bonfire while enjoying sounds of nature. A barbecue party is definitely a good idea! Therefore, you must not come alone. For a merrier nuance, don’t forget to carry a guitar or ukulele.

Nearby Attractions

  • Bira Island
  • Dolphin Island
  • Harapan Island

How to Get There
Your adventure starts from Muara Angke. Make sure to reach the port in the morning. There are many traditional boats nearby. You can rent one to reach Harapan Island. From there, you may continue using another boat to Perak Island. Before entering such small island, you should have obtained an authorization! It is your ticket to explore the island and spend a night there.

Where to Stay

  • Camping

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