Antuk Island in Thousand Islands Regency, Jakarta

As an archipelago country, Indonesia becomes the home of many islands. In the Java Sea, you can find Thousand Islands Regency. It is part of Jakarta Special Region, actually. As the name implies, it holds lots of isles. One of them is called Antuk. Another name is Pantara. It is located near to Sepa Island. It consists of East and West Pantara. Tourists come to the island to enjoy a wonderful ambiance of nature. If you want to visit a Japanese restaurant, you should go to the west one. Unfortunately, it is no longer operated. Today, only East Antuk is often visited by tourists.

The Nuance
In East Pantara or Antuk Island, you can enjoy flawless nature. The sky is pure and it is reflected on the water. There is a wooden pier. Tourists often use to sightsee nearby scenery. Near to it, you can find several speedboats. They are ready to help you reach neighboring islands. In the sea, there are several big rocks, as well. They become a unique addition to the beach. In some occasions, you may see several people fishing. If necessary, you can join them.

Exploring Antuk Island
The first thing to do in Antuk Island is watersports. Due to beautiful beaches, it becomes an ideal location for jet skiing, riding the banana boat, snorkeling, fishing, canoeing, etc. Moreover, you don’t even need to carry your own gears. It is because you can rent them in the resort. For those who want to ride a jet ski, it is better to carry much money. In holidays, the price becomes more expensive. No wonder, it is because there are more visitors at that time.

Next, it is the children playground. For those who come with kids, Antuk Island provides a special location for kids. Kiddos can play numerous games there. The playground is surrounded by trees, as well. That means the children can play in it comfortably. Once you have explored all parts of the island, it is time to rest in the cottage. There are numerous facilities provided such as a swimming pool, a bar, a restaurant, etc.

In the morning, you can witness a beautiful sunrise in the shorelines. As an alternative, you can see it from the resort. Don’t forget to eat your breakfast there. You can taste delicious and traditional menus. At the last day of your vacation, you should drop by in West Antuk. There is the reminiscence of a Japanese restaurant. The island was popular back then. Though, it is no longer available. What you can find is only an isolated atmosphere. Though, it is a good place for finding peace and self-reflecting.

Nearby Attractions

  • Sepa Island

How to Get There
It is going to be a long trip. From Tanjung Kait, you can take a traditional motor boat. Along the way, you may pass several islands. Antuk or Pantara Island is situated in the northernmost of “Kepulauan Seribu”. For a faster trip, you can depart from Marina Ancol. It takes about 2 hours to reach the island using a speedboat.

Where to Stay

  • East Antuk Resort

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