Visiting Untung Jawa Island in Thousand Islands Regency

Indonesia is an archipelago country. Thousand Islands Regency is part of it, as well. As the name suggests, it is the home of tons of isles. One of them is Untung Jawa (Amiterdam) Island. Among travelers, such island is recognized as an affordable location for a vacation retreat. It features beautiful coastal area and friendly villagers. Local people have built several cottages so tourists can be content there. Most visitors come to Untung Jawa for water sports. Some of them come to the island for photography, though. What about you?

The Nuance
Untung Jawa Island emits an amazing nuance. Once you reach the island, you can see an unspoiled nature. The best attraction is definitely the beach. It features white sand and shallow shorelines. During holidays, you may expect lots of visitor in the seashore. They play in the water comfortably. In the back, you can see shady trees. Near to it, there are several tents. Each of them offers items for water sports. These include life vests, fins, etc. No worries. The prices are affordable.

Exploring Untung Jawa Island
The best thing is the budget. Untung Jawa Island is considered the best vacation destination for backpackers. That means you don’t need to prepare lots of money prior to visiting the island. In fact, it is cheaper than other resorts in Thousand Islands Regency. The most popular tourist activity is snorkeling. You can rent the gears easily and cheaply. If you love water sports, you and your family can ride a banana boat. When it comes to the fee, you can chip in with others.

Next interesting activity is bicycling. That doesn’t mean you must carry a bike to Untung Jawa Island. There are several spots to rent it. Not to mention the price is affordable. What’s next? There is an island hopping. It is a compulsory activity when you are visiting “Kepulauan Seribu”. Visiting nearby islands is fun. The nearest isles are Onrust, Rambut, and Kahyangan. In this case, you should find a good boat first. You depend on it to reach those islands, after all.

Another thing to do is eating. There are food vendors on the beach. They sell numerous foods such as grilled fish and seafood. Don’t forget to enjoy some snacks like fish cakes and chips. They are worth a try, indeed. In Untung Jawa Island, toothless gum chips are quite popular. Tourists love it due to its savory and crispy taste. Make sure you buy some for your families, as well! They will love it!

Nearby Attractions

  • Ayer Besar Island
  • Ayer Kecil Island
  • Bidadari Island
  • Bokor Island
  • Onrust Island
  • Kahyangan Island
  • Dapur Island
  • Damar Island

How to Get There
Your first destination is Muara Angke or Tanjung Pasir. From there, you should ride a boat and head directly to Untung Jawa. A ferry and speedboat are the other options. For a faster trip, you should rent a speedboat. It is comfortable, as well. In this case, your start point is in Marina Ancol. Once you reach the island, you can see several fishermen in the bay. That means you are getting closer to your final destination.

Where to Stay

  • Baronang Homestay

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