Spending an Unforgettable Vacation in Sepa Island, Thousand Islands Regency

Busy people are overloaded by works and many issues. Do you feel the same? In this case, what you need is a good vacation. In Thousand Islands Regency, there is Sepa Island. It is actually a private island. There is a resort, which opens for public. That means everyone is allowed to visit the island for a vacation retreat. The Charming scenery and beautiful sea become the main lures for tourists. Not to mention it offers a peaceful mood. You can replenish your spirit there!

The Nuance
In terms of appearance, Sepa Island is indeed beautiful. There is a wooden pier near to its beach. Despite its old condition, it becomes a good spot for sightseeing. Without doubts, some boats are parked near to it. The sea water is Tosca green and shallow. It is good for either swimming or snorkeling. In the land, you can find several types of trees. They are big and shady! During the hot season, the sky is bright and cloudless. Make sure to come in summer, so you don’t get bothered by the rain.

Exploring Sepa Island
Some tourists call it a little Bali Island. It is because Sepa emits a similar beauty to that of Bali. The best attraction is the nautical beauty. It also has white sand and an unspoiled sea water ecosystem. For those who love snorkeling and diving, Sepa Island becomes a top tourist destination. Not to mention it is suitable for fishing! You can sit and fish in the wooden pier. This gives you a wonderful time, for sure. Thus, don’t forget to carry your fish rod.

Next, there is snorkeling. If you are an expert, you can try diving as well. Sepa Island has an amazing underwater view. There are colorful corals and a spending visibility. For the best snorkeling spots, you have two options. First, it is in the left part of the pier. There is almost no sea current. It is safe for beginners, for sure. Also, it is the home of various fishes and corals. Another spot is situated a little bit far from the island. One thing, only professional snorkelers should go there.

In some occasions, foreigners come to Sepa Island. Most of them come from Korea, China, and Japan. Even though it is rare, US visitors also visit the island. Those people are impressed by Sepa’s underwater views. They even call it “a paradise for divers”. On top of that, the island offers a unique tropical atmosphere. It helps tourists eradicate their stresses. Due to this reason, you should visit Sepa to retreat from your daily routines. It helps you forget your problems in an instant!

Nearby Attractions

  • Pelangi Island
  • Pantara Island
  • Putri Island
  • Melinjo Island

How to Get There
Sepa Island is located near to Pelangi and Pantara Island. The best route is from Marina Ancol. From there, you can ride a speedboat to reach Sepa. The trip usually takes 90 minutes. As an alternative, Muara Angke becomes your start point. Only traditional boats are available there, though. That means your trip will take longer.

Where to Stay

  • Sepa Resort

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