Enjoying Good Times in Kongsi Island, Thousand Islands Regency

Here is the thing. Thousand Islands Regency offers lots of vacation destinations to travelers. If you are looking for a reference, there is Kongsi Island. It is located near to Pari Island, so you can visit both of them simultaneously. It consists of three different islands, which are West, Middle, and East Kongsi. All of them have similar characteristics and landscapes, actually. They also become the home of famous fauna called Brahminy kite. The locals call it BK. In fact, Kongsi becomes natural conservation of such majestic creature.

The Nuance
In terms of appearance, Kongsi Island is both beautiful and peaceful. It has similar seawater to other islands in “Kepulauan Seribu”. The sea water is crystal clear, so it radiates mesmerizing beauty. Sometimes, some boats pass by on it. It is quite a view. During nice weather, the sky is reflected perfectly on the water. In the land, you can witness dense plants. When it comes to the beach, it features stunning white sand. Make sure you never miss island hopping.

Exploring Kongsi Island
As mentioned before, Kongsi Island is famous for its “Elang Bondol”. Brahminy Kite has a moderate size. It is about 40-50 cm. The wings are wide and their tail is short. It is a unique type of an eagle, indeed. Their chest and necks are white. The rest of the head are reddish. Due to their uniqueness, the government decides to take care of such species in Kongsi. Today, more visitors want to reach natural conservation of Bondol Eagle and witness their cuteness directly.

Next adventure is snorkeling. It is both fun and challenging. Everyone is able to enjoy such activity, in fact. You are going to explore the nautical beauty of Kongsi Island. Many types fish swimming in it. Not to mention you can find stunning corals. It is recommended to carry an underwater camera. You won’t miss those beautiful objects, will you? The thing is you must come either in the morning or afternoon. It helps you prevent the heat of the sun. Also, make sure to wear proper gears!

Another thing to do is island hopping. That means you visit nearby islands in a chorus. It takes both time and money, for sure. You must rent a good boat as well. Each of the islands features different characteristics. In Kongsi, there are mangroves and numerous exotic birds such as Bondol Eagle and black crows. There are other animals, though. These include forest rats and lizards. If you want to witness other creatures, you must visit Burung Island. No worries. It is near to Kongsi.

Nearby Attractions

  • Pari Island
  • Pasir Perawan Beach
  • Burung Island

How to Get There
Your primary destination is Muara Angke. It is located in the north part of Jakarta. From here, you head to Kongsi Island using a traditional motor boat. No wonder, it takes a little bit longer than a speedboat. Though, the price is nice. For a better experience, you can take advantage of a powerboat. With more money, you can reach Kongsi comfortably.

Where to Stay

  • Ibis Styles
  • J Hotel
  • FM7 Resort

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